in Maths i am working with Jayme,Lilly on graphs

we will learn to make the graphs properly with the right measurements

we are going to ask people questions and the make a graph

\we will make pie graphs bar graphs and line graphs 

by Kiara Jayme And Lillly 

my Holiday

At 11:00pm I was flying out to Fiji but our plane left at 12:00pm I tried so hard to sleep but I could not it was so bad but they gave us free pillows and blankets so we landed at 5:00am so we get our tour guide to take us to the hotel

blood and basketball my good fit book

my book is about a                                                                                                                                      basketball team who lets a new team member in the team and he is a murder and is ploting to kill a team member. i like this because my best sport !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mission day reflection

Tayah and jayme and Lucy and I we did a big disco we called it crazy house we are proud of how many people we got in at the disco how much money made we can improve on being organised because we were a bit late opening our stall next time I think we could not make a big mess because we needed to close for a bit to clean up silly string I learnt how to not only set up a disco but how fun it could be raising money for Vietnam I felt really proud of my self because It took a lot of responsibility



Millie’s workshop reflection

i think Millie’s workshop was really good and well done she had lots of info there is nothing I can say bad I loved that she did a fun quiz at the end she managed her time well I really liked it – kiara